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Are you looking for an all-in-one server, system and network monitoring software,which is simple, secure and affordable? Moses offers multiple testing and notification capabilities for IT administrators. With Moses, daily tasks can be automated.

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Monitoring cockpit, from where you create, configure and launch your checks



Storage Usage

Show all drives and available storage in one overview




Storage History

Track available space for each drive




Define a time period in which the check should be executed



SQL Check 

Execute SQL statements on Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL and SqLite DB’s



Help System

Throughout the whole application you will find help on how to use the tool.

Define a check, a time interval for when checks should be made, your desired action according to the result, and the software will do the rest, including informing you, launches an file, write to a logfile, send an e-mail or open a web-url (e.g. to send an sms to a mobile phone).

With Moses, everything is automatic! All you need to do is define a check, a time interval for when checks should be made, your desired action and the software will do the rest.


The days are over where someone has to manually check all log-files, network connections and many more other things on a day-to-day basis. This server monitoring software lets you keep track of a large amount of services in your IT environment. It does regular checks of your server-events, storage and processes, services, file-, database- and FTP-content, network connections, etc. and immediately notifies you of any inconsistency. Its ability to monitor databases on content based checks stands out from any other tool.

Moses network monitoring software is available as a fully functional trial version, which can be upgraded to a pro version by purchasing a reasonably priced license key. Some of its major features include Ping Check, Service Check, SQL Check, Text Check, and more.

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